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Maricopa County Department of Public Health has confirmed 2 cases of Measles in Maricopa County. Read Measles Update | Español Get Vaccinated | Information about exposure

Prevention Matters: Information on Influenza (flu) and other Communicable Diseases Click here to read an important message from the Scottsdale Unified School District Health Services department. En español

Flu Arrives in Maricopa County, just ahead of Large-Scale Events - Click here for more information.

Mission Statement of Scottsdale School Nurses

The mission of the School Nurses of Scottsdale Unified School District is to enhance the educational potential of all students by promoting wellness and facilitating the resolution of health concerns which create barriers to learning.

We strive to give students the necessary tools to care for themselves.

Scottsdale school nurses collaborate with community resources, encourage healthy lifestyles and promote communication through health counseling and information.

Philosophy of School Health

The purpose of school nursing is to enhance the educational process by the modification or removal of health-related barriers to learning and by promotion of an optimal level of wellness.

The following beliefs about school health, written by the American School Health Association and the American Nurses' Association, are endorsed by the Scottsdale School Nurses:

Every child is entitled to educational opportunities which allow each to reach full capacity as an individual and to prepare him or her for responsibility as a citizen.
Every child is entitled to a level of health which permits maximum utilization of educational opportunities.
Every school has a legal and moral obligation to provide a school health program which will promote and protect the health of its children and youth.
The school health program should be consistent with the philosophy and objectives of the school program.
The school health program, through the components of health service, health education and concern for the environment, provides knowledge and understanding on which to base decisions for the promotion and protection of individual, family and community health.
Activities of the school health program play a primary role in establishing a viable working relationship with home and community.
Parents have the basic responsibility for the health of their children; the school health program activities exist to assist parents in carrying out their responsibilities.
The community has a responsibility for the health of their children; the school health program will assist parents and youth to utilize such community services effectively.
School health programs should include participation in regional, state and local comprehensive health planning to identify and interpret health needs and to coordinate health services for children and youth and their families.
In addition, the Scottsdale School Nurses believe that:


The school nurse is the primary member of the school health team.
The broad range of the population served requires that the school nurse has a strong background in relevant theories as a basis for intervention including, but not limited to: growth and development, hierarchy of needs, family and group dynamics, change process, self-care, adaptation, public health including epidemiology and prevention, and educational theories, instructional philosophies and methodologies.
A baccalaureate degree in nursing from an accredited program provides the minimum professional competency for the practice of school nursing.
School nurses are bound to comply with the provisions of the State of Arizona "Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Nursing".
School nurses will use the National Association of School Nurses' "Standards of Professional School Nursing Practice" as a guide in fulfilling and evaluating the professional obligations of the specialty practice of school nursing. 
School nurses will be guided by the American Nurses' Association's "Standards of Clinical Nursing Practice" in their conduct and relationships in carrying out nursing responsibilities. 
Goals of Scottsdale School Nurses

School nurses employed by the Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board are goal oriented. Scottsdale school nurses work in collaboration with other District employees to accomplish the goals and objectives of the school district.

In addition, school nurses will practice professional nursing toward the accomplishment of the following goals:

To deliver needed health services to the school/client system using systematic processes to assess needs, plan interventions and evaluate outcomes so that high-level wellness can be achieved by the client system.
To manage school health care services by participating in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the school health program.
To advocate for the health rights of children and their families, both within the school setting and between the school and community at large.
To provide health counseling for the school/client system on an individual basis or within a group setting.
To participate in health education program activities for students, District personnel and the community.
To collaborate with school administrators, school staff, other school nurses, parents, community resources and community health care providers in order to accomplish the goals of the Scottsdale School Health Program.
Goals of Scottsdale School Health Centers
To comply with national, state and local mandates for health services and health education.
To increase instructional time.
To increase students' self-care skills and ability to be responsible consumers of health care services.
To provide quality professional nursing services to students and staff.

Dr. Milissa Sackos,
Executive Director of Student Services and Grants

 Tommy Burke
Lead Nurse




Medical Action Plan
Medication at School
Immunization Requirements
for School Entry


Maricopa County Public Health 
is a one stop shop for up to date information on health and safety in Maricopa County. On it , you will see updated twitter feeds from our Maricopa County hospitals, Maricopa County Departments of Public Health, Transportation, Environmental Services, Air Quality and Emergency Management. The page also includes a weather widget with up to date information on weather advisories.
In addition, in the event of an emergency, this page will be quickly updated into a response page where you can find up to date information and links to the situation at hand.

  Substitute Nurses  

SUSD is also always looking for substitute nurses.

For information, contact the Substitute Coordinator at


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